Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Spot

Ok Lifers, I want to talk about a pretty serious topic around The Palace.


Yeah that's right, I said spots. You know like dad he took my spot. Or mom she's in my spot.

Now around our house we roll by the old school rules of move your feet loose your seat, but is there anything more annoying for a referee parent, then hearing, Dad make him/her get out of my spot. And here's the thing. It's not like we have one chair that we all have to share. We have two couches and a chair in our living room, yet it's never enough for the clowns. Not to mention there is an entire floor. What ever happened to just sitting on the floor?

Here's another thing. My clowns have no concept of time when it comes to their spot. For example they think that because they were sitting there two hours ago, that entitles them to be able to tell whomever is now sitting in said spot to move? You know why? Because I was sitting there.  Of course that could have been earlier in the day for all we know. Heck according to them it could have been yesterday even.

The other day the oldest clown asked me to get the remote for her because she didn't want to get up. Me being the awesome dad I am I did, somewhat puzzled. So I asked, what gives? Her reply. I don't want to get up becuase I just know L will get my spot. He of course, was in ear shot and exclaims in his little five year old evil voice. I'll just get it when you get up to go to the bathroom. Well, I'l just hold it, she fires back.

Are you kidding me? So now they have resorted to holding in their pee for fear of loosing a spot in the living room? What's next resorting back to diapers so they never have to get up?


So tell me Lifers do your clowns fight over their spot?

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