Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't be a Downer

What's up Lifers.

So the other day I was told that I'm never satisfied. I'm never happy. I imagine this came up because I made mention of my displeasure with something I ate, bought, saw, read, or heard. But does that mean I'm a negative nelly? Could this be true? Am I truely never satisfied?

So for today's post I thought I would dig deeper into this label that has been cast upon me, and not be negative.

So, I will not talk about how I spent 50 dollars on dinner the other night for the family at a bad Mexician restaraunt. I will not discuss how I was forced to go there because, one, we don't have many choices in our little town, and two because it was Mini-me's birthday, and that's what he wanted. I should be happy that I had 50 dollars, and that we were celebrating his birthday.

I will not discuss my displeasure with my career path. Along with that I will not discuss my displeasure at myself for continuing my career path. That might make me seem ungreatful for a job at all. I know there are people in this country who do not have a job at the moment. So I will not be negative about mine.

I will not discuss how annoyed I get when I go to the coffee pot at work only to discover there is no coffee, and now I must make more. I will not discuss this because this will only make me seem negative. I should be  happy that there isn't some tragic shortage on coffee in South America or that our government isn't hoarding all the coffee imported into this country for some major experiment on alien life forms. So instead I will be happy and thankful that there is coffee to make.

I will not discuss the fact that at this point in my life I'd like to never get another hair cut, and just let my hair grow. However I'm affraid I'd look like Doc Brown from Back to the Future because of the grey. So instead I'll be thankful that I have hair, and haven't lost it all because of some illness beyond my control.

I also, will not discuss my disgust with gas prices, and the fact that there is absolutely nothing middle american's, such as myself can do about it. Instead, I will be happy that both my cars are running and I'm not a 38 year old grown man riding around town on a scooter with a bumper sticker that reads Just Scoot.

Lastly, I will not discuss the housework, laundry, dishes, meals, garage, or any other item in and around my home that drives me crazy and creates a negative vibe. Like the fact that everyday I have to feed the cat and dog because I'd rather not have to bury them in the back yard because nobody else feeds them. Or the rule that only I can clean the litter box.I will not speak of any of these things because it may come off as being unsatsified.

No sir, today's post will not be negative. Today, I will drink from the cup of life and always be full. Tomorrow? Well ...tomorrow is a new day.


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