Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sick and Tired

Ok lifers, I apologize for the hiatus, as I've been sick. I woke up Thursday night around 2 am to meet Ralph, and it hasn't been pleasant since. In fact the entire clan, minus Miss E, has been sick for the last week or so. 

You know you've heard the bad drunk? Well I'm sort of a bad sick, I'll admit it. However, I do not take full responsibility for it. You see I am the baby in my family. Which, as we all know, means I was somewhat spoiled. Now there may be some debate on that somewhat, depending on which one of my siblings you talk to, but none the less. So growing up whenever I got sick, mommy would always take care of me. She was always sympathetic to my sickness, and just wanted me to get better.

Over the last nine years that I've been married, I've come to realize that my DW does not have that same sympathy for my being sick.

Now granted, I'm a bad sick I get that. I'm loud, I moan, I grown, I ask her to feel my head every ten minutes or so, honey do I feel hot? But let me explain a little the way the last 24 hours has gone.

Again, I wake up around 2 am feeling as though demons have festered deep within my stomach. I moan and grown. I go to the bathroom. After a few false alarms it finally happens, and it's loud. This I can not control. It feels like I am being turned inside out. Now keep in mind a few days prior to this the DW herself was in this very same position. To which of course I got up and asked her if there was anything I could do to help. I got her a wet washcloth, a glass of water, and in-between Ralphs, I clean the bowl.

So for me, in-between my moaning, groaning and convulsions, I comment that I hate throwing-up. To which my DW replies, I hate it when you throw-up too, as she slams a glass of water on the bathroom counter. Apparently my puking was loud and annoying and woke her up. 

Later, as my head radiates and my body is freezing, I explain to her that I am sooo cold. I ask her, honey feel me? And without even a little hesitation, she replies.. No. But honey I'm soo cold.

Now here's the part that scares me. I have flu like symptoms, my head is pounding, and I haven't eaten anything in a day or so. I'm at my weakest, and I just need somebody to comfort me. And this is the response I get:

You know all your moaning and growing is getting on my nerves.

Now I know, I'm pretty sure, that she'd take care of me should something ever happen, but you know a little sympathy wouldn't hurt. Maybe I'll start being nicer to the clowns just in case.


So tell me Lifers how are you when your sick? Are you loud and miserable like me? Or are you quite and go about your business?

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  1. Wow. Way to make me out to be wifey dearest. Thanks.