Tuesday, February 1, 2011

They have medication for that?

Ok so the other day I log onto my computer at work, and see that I have some junk mail in my in box. This is nothing new I get junk mail all the time, and quite frankly the content was nothing new either.

I'm not sure if there was anything to me receiving this mail on the cusp of Winter Storm 2011, but this is what I received. 

Ok so I tried to format and crop it the best I could to fit and still be able to tell what it says. In case you can't make it out to well the e-mail wants to know if I want to act like a porn star? And I guess if so, I can take a pill to accomplish this.

So I guess if I want to grow a terrible 70's mustache and call myself the Hedgehog, then this might be a starting point. But I think not.

After I stopped laughing, I got to thinking, this pretty much is what our society has become has it not?

Think about it. We take a pill, or have a quick fix for darn near everything.

Need to loose weight? Take a pill.
Want a better body? Have something enlarged, reduced, sucked or stuffed.
Don't feel good? Take a pill.
Feeling to good? Take a pill.
Feeling depressed? Take a pill.
Rowdy kids? Take a pill. Or give them a pill.
Can't stay away, drink an energy drink.
We have, present company included, become so dependent on medication, and the quick fix to our lives, our bodies, and our minds.

Now I understand that there are plenty of people out there who need to take certain medication, and obviously I'm not talking to or about you. But we all know there are those out there who pimp the system. So why shouldn't the Viagras of the world not try to cash in on the get it now age we live in?

I know this is nothing new, and that Viagra and Cialis have been out there for some time now but I just found it funny, and even more so now that we, as a country, are experiencing the worst winter story in history. Perhaps there will be a baby boom now because of this storm, and of course because people all over the country opened up their junk mail and took a pill.


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  1. The whole take a pill thing has clearly gone too far if even the porn industry is trying to get in on the act. And wouldn't one want to 'perform' like a porn star rather than merely try and act like one? It would probably be more fun ...but then again what do I know, I'm just a word perv ; )