Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday's 10

So Lifers, today is my new Tuesday 10, so here goes:

10 Things I can't live without, in no particular order.

1. My Family - I know obvious right? Now I know that life goes on and all that. But my family really does me so much to me, and not just the DW and Clowns. My entire family. They have all helped to make me who I am today, and I'm so grateful for their love and support through the years.

2. Music- I love it. I love playing it (although I'm not that good), and I love listening to it. It's been a very big part of my life, and something I can not live without. I love the way music makes us feel. I love the fact that we can associate events in our lives with music. I love the way music can make us think.

3. Coffee - Sadly I can not live without it. I know it's a crutch, but we all have 'em.

4. Laughter- Anyone who knows me knows that I myself am a clown. I always have been. I'd take a comedy over drama or history any day.

5. Andes mint candies- What can I say. I love 'em. I get a bag or two every year for Christmas. It's like one of life's sure things.

6. Art - I know music is an Art form, but it's different to me then say painting/drawing/photography. I love the arts, although I'm not an artsy person per se. Maybe I could live without it, but I don't ever want to find out. I love the people that can take the simplest thing/person and make it/them art. This is not something everybody can do. It takes a special person to be able to see the beauty in something and make it show.

7. Freedom - We are so blessed to live in this country where we have the freedoms we do. I thank God for this country, and the men and women who have served, past and present, to provide those freedoms.

8.The Internet - Ok so this one is a little sad right? But when I think about how we all use the Internet so much now a days. I don't think I could live without it. Now naturally if it had never been invented then that might be different, but it was, and I love it. Every morning, I read some news, sports, and everyday several times a day, I read blogs. I social network, my DW uses it for business purposes. Let's face it, I just couldn't live with out it.

9. The Razor - Not the phone. I'm talking about an actual razor. You know by Bic, or whoever. I don't think I could live without one. Now I usually have some sort of facial gruff, but there comes a point when that gruff gets to be to much for me. It starts to itch, look bad and for me the gray starts to come through. Not to mention all the uses for the DW. So yes, I don't think I could live without the razor.

10. Winter House Slippers/Summer Sweet Tea -  Ok so this is sort of a two part er. But In the winter I can not live without my house slippers. I'm not sure but I think this might very well classify me as old man. Also in the summer time, I can not live with my sweet tea. It's virtually all I drink in the summer. I make a pitcher of sweet tea just about daily. Again, I know it's a crutch but like I said we all have 'em. At least I didn't say crack or meth or something like that.

So tell me, what are a few things you can not live without? I'd love to hear your comments.



  1. I agree....you can't live without your family. After that, it's my cell phone, diet coke and wine.....shallow huh?

  2. Sherri~I don't think it's shallow. Like I said, we all have our vices. That's what makes you, you.