Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celebrity Love

Alright Lifers. Today as I was working thinking of something to blog about, I decided I'd try the latest headlines to get a little inspiration.
I quickly scanned Yahoo....Nothing of interest really. There was some stupid article about Mike Tyson and how he's found peace with pigeons. Lame.
There was an article about feet, and how they show signs of your health. Now I love feet just as much as the next sicko guy, but thought that might be more of a couch session than a blog post.
There was something about great jobs people love. Right. Like that's reality.

So I decided I'd flip on over to MSNBC and see what they had cooking. Upon my arrival I scrolled down, and there it was.

Milano pregnant with first child.

Yes that's right. It seems Alyssa Milano is having her first child, and despite all my wishes as a 12 year old boy, I was not involved.

See Alyssa was my very first celebrity love. Now don't get me wrong, as a young boy I had the Farrah poster, and I believe I even had one of Bo Derek, you know with the dreads and the beads, but Alyssa was my girl.

As a young boy, I got a few of those Teen Beat Magazines and put her pictures on my walls. I wrote her a letter or two exclaiming how I was such a huge fan, and even though she was older than me, only by 6 months 30 days, I still thought we could make it work.

So I watched Who's the Boss every Tuesday night, and endured the ridicule from my older sister, later followed her on Charmed, and even Melrose Place.

As time went by, despite the fact that I know we would have connected right away, the timing was just never right for us. We were always just so busy, or in relationships, oh and there was that whole she's a celebrity thing, but whatever.

So I'm glad to see that she's finally moving on and having a child of her own. I know it hasn't been easy all these years waiting on me.  And I'm sure we'll see each other here an there, like on those NFL Ladies Wear commercials, or on re-runs of My Name is Earl, or something like that. 

So anyway, I just had to give a shout out to Alyssa today and say congrats on the clown, and sorry that we couldn't make it work, but maybe it's for the best.


So tell me, who was your first celebrity love, and why?


  1. She's such a fool! To think, you could have been all hers!