Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hot and Bothered

Ok Lifers so what does it take to get you hot and bothered?

Now before you turn away thinking this is one of those blogs, stay with me here.

Yesterday, well actually, I guess sometime Friday night I found out what it takes for me. You see Saturday morning was a very typically cold frigid morning here. Nothing really new for this time of year, although Old Man Winter has been better to us this year then most, again, showing my love for winter.

So anyway, unlike most Saturday mornings, we actually had plans for this day. The girls had a cheer camp at the school in the morning, so mini-me and myself were going to tag along in the dropping off process, and then maybe run some errands with the DW while the girls were getting their cheer on. 

Now I was up first, got the coffee going, and began making the waffles that the DW had promised the night before. See that's the thing about the clowns, they don't forget, and at the store the night before the DW says hey lets get some strawberries and I'll make waffles in the morning and we can put strawberries on them. Now I'm sure what she meant to say was, hey lets get some strawberries and when you get up first, like you always do on the weekends, and the clowns want to eat, you can make them waffles. Oh and I'm going to mention it now so that they won't forget in the morning.

So like I said, I start making the waffles. I'm under the impression that we have about an hour before we have to be out the door, so I begin to speed things up a bit. I notice it's a little colder in The Palace then normal, but at the moment I don't have time to think about that I've got to get coffee, waffles and oh don't forget the strawberries, (thanks love) going. So a little bit later the DW stumbles into the kitchen and mentions how cold it is. She goes to check the thermostat, comes back and says the furnace is not coming on...Nice.

So now I'm forced to put my handy man hat on and see if I can't figure out what's going on. Usually this means the pilot light has gone out. It's a self igniting furnace, so it should be a piece of cake, just follow the 5 easy steps on the inside panel to heated bliss. Step one. Turn power off. Step two turn gas off. Step three wait five minutes. Step four turn power back on. Step five ignite.






Nothing.....Read instructions further....If furnace does not ignite after three attempts, call your local service provider...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Meanwhile the DW and the girls head out to cheer camp, probably just to get warm, and the boy and I stay in the frozen tundra.

An hour or so later, the service guy has been called, and will be out soon.

Needless to say, some three-hundred plus dollars later, we are hot, and I am most definitely bothered.

J -Tony

So tell me Lifers, what's gotten you hot and bothered lately. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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