Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Rants

Hey Lifers. Just some random thoughts for today. Not really enough of one thing to make a post, so I put them all together sort of replacing the Random thoughts Thursday. Enjoy

The DW and I went to Victoria Secret the other day. I always feel a little uncomfortable when I go in that store. I just feel like I don't know where to put my eyes?


Here's a recent text conversation the DW and I had

Me: Can you take the trash out, I wanted to run tonight and not sure when I'll be home.
Me: Hey don't worry about the trash. I'm not going to run tonight.
DW: Just got the message about the trash..Umm u wanted me to go out in the freezing cold to haul stinky trash?!?  Gross.
Me: Well yeah. See I thought we were helping each other out now a days? Remember me helping with dinner? Salsa? That's what we do right?
DW: U didn't help with those?!
Me: I did too. You asked me to open the cans for the salsa. That's what I did. You asked me to open the box of Mac and cheese and pour it in. That's what I did.
DW: I'd freeze my boo-tay off !!!
Me: I don't think you'd be out there That  long.

I don't think she got it.

The other night the DW cooked an awesome Valentines Day dinner. It was the same thing she cooked for me the very first time she ever cooked for me when we were dating. Here's what the conversation around the table sounded like with the clowns.

Me: Guys this is the first dinner that mommy ever made daddy
Miss E: So when you were a baby and had no teeth you had this?
Me: No not my mommy, your mommy.
Miss O: Do we remember it?
DW: No, this was the first meal that mommy made for daddy when we were dating.
Miss E: Yeah you guys weren't even born yet. I... think I was though.
DW: No, none of you guys were born yet.
Me: Yeah this is the meal that started it all.
Mini-Me: What was it?
Me: It was this! This meal ! This is the first thing that mommy made me. I remember we ate on a coffee table that night.
Miss O: No dad, we don't remember (she said puzzled)

It was like a bad Abbott and Costello skit.

I secretly love the Hobby Lobby. Not like all the beads and yarn stuff, but pretty much everything else.

Oh and Fed Ex can Suck It.


So let me hear ya Lifers. Tell me your Rants for today.

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