Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok Lifers so here's the thing. Last month we got our water bill and it was unusually high, even for us being a family of five. So the DW and I somewhat discussed this trying to rationalize how we used so much water the previous month. And when I say we discussed it I mean, she asked me why it was higher, as if I was holding the key to some unlocked mystery treasure.

So anyway, the next few days I'd somewhat noticed the clowns bathroom toilet running. In my mind of minds, I thought surely this wouldn't be enough to cause that much of a spike in our bill? I mean after all it's not like it was a gushing stream or anything, not to mention, half the time I have to remind the clowns to flush when they finish their business anyway.

So in between my blog fetish, dryer fixing, winter storms, and all about me life, I sort of forgot about the water bill and the commode.

Until the other day.

The DW, during one of her errand runs, stops in at the water company to pay the higher than usual bill. Now I don't know the conversation that took place between her and the lady behind the counter naturally because I was off in my own little slice of Paradise I like to call work. But thankfully for me I did receive the cliff notes that evening.

DW: The lady at the water company says you need to use some food coloring in the toilet to check for a leak.

So immediately I go into defense mode, and start thinking, Oh so now the lady at the water company is bustin' my chops about the leak right?

To which I replied, probably in a not so nice voice. I mean after all I did just get Punk'd by the little old lady at the water company. Yeah I've noticed the clowns toilet running.  Now maybe I should have been straight up with the DW on this one. Truth be told, I did think there was something going on that needed my attention when we first saw the bill, but I really had forgotten about it, and I certainly didn't know that she would be discussing my shortcomings with every receptionist in town.

To which she didn't say anything. No, she didn't say anything, but she gave me that look. You know the one that says, so then why haven't you fixed it? So then why have you waited this long? So then why does it take Alice down at the water company to pull an Aston Kutcher on your back side before you do anything about it....Yeah that look.

So as we head toward another weekend, I know what I'll be doing. Looks like I better get some food coloring, and keep an eye out for the MTV cameras.


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