Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's 10

Ok so last week for the Tuesday's 10 I did ten things I can not live without. Today Lifers, I will grace you with 10 things I can live without. Again, in no real order.

1. Spiders-  I hate spiders. I mean I hate them to the point that if I talk about them or see them, I have been known to have nightmares. I will be kicking and screaming, and the DW will have to wake me up, and immediately she knows what the dream was about. I believe they are my Hell.

2. Zits- I mean come on. I'm nearly 40 years old. Really? I still need a zit on my chin? I'm not sure which is worse getting them when you're in your awkward teen years, or when you're a grown man with gray hair? At least when your in your teen years all your friends have them too.

3. Nose hair- I'm pretty sure I can live with out nose hair. At this point in my life it seems like there's a lot of maintenance with the nose hair.

4. PMS - I'm sure it's no picnic for you ladies either, but not only do I have to deal with it with the DW, but I've got two girlie clowns that will go through this as well one day. Not looking forward to that.

5. Headaches - Now I don't get migraines like some people do, so I can only imagine what they go through, but I get my fair share of headaches. And I hate 'em. I can definitely live without them.

6. Grass - I hate to mow the grass. We have a pretty big lot, and hate it. If I weed eat and mow the entire place it takes me about 3 ~ 4 hours. Now I'm sure some of you will say well with out grass, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I hate having to mow. I've got a great grass lawn mower story I'll post in a month or so. Stay tuned, it's Epic.

7. Old age -  I've always thought that our lives are backwards. It seems like it would make more sense if we were born old and got younger toward the end of our lives. Seems like by the time we were done, we wouldn't know anything, and we would be all cute and people would want to take care of us. Not some slobbering, smelly old raisin that our kids fight over to decide who has to keep us.Yeah I could live without old age.

8. Pet hair-  We have a dog and a cat. Although the dog doesn't come in the house much, but I hate the pet hair. But do you think we would touch them if they were bald? I can live without pet hair and the shedding.

9. Thunderstorms - Now me personally, I'm not afraid of storms or tornadoes for that matter, but my mother-in-law is, and she's persistent. We don't have a basement, she does, and we live 15 minutes away. I'm sure you can figure it out. Every time we have even a chance of a storm, she is on the phone. Now I know she is only looking out of us, but I think I could live without storms altogether.

10. Laundry - I'm sure this goes without saying really. I mean who likes or enjoys doing laundry right? And you know there are five of us, so this is a never ending battle. Not only is it never ending, but this is one war that can not be won.


So tell me what are some things that you can live without in your life. I'd love to hear your comments.


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