Monday, January 31, 2011

Say Cheese

So this past weekend was a pretty big deal around here. For the last month or so I have been gearing up to get Mini-Me a new mattress. He had been sleeping on his toddler bed mattress. I know, I know. The kids almost five, what were we waiting for right?

Well so anyway, we made a pretty big deal out of him growing into his big boy bed, and picking out his blanket and sheets and stuff. So after much build up, he was pretty stoked about it too.

So after our breakfast we packed up and headed out to get a new mattress and all the fixings. We found a mattress right away, but we had bring it home before we could get the other stuff because I had sort of a Griswold moment getting it into our van and the seating arrangement wasn't the greatest. But after that, we went right back out to get his sheet set. After some negotiating, since they didn't have the Star Wars one he wanted, here he is in his proud moment.

That boy cracks me up.

Ok on a side note. I've been wondering why nobody comments on my posts? I mean there has to be a logical explanation right? So anyway, I just found out that to be able to comment you had to have a google account, and maybe this is why people don't, or can't comment. Well no more people. I have fixed the glitch, and now I expect your comments to come pouring in. I mean after all you read it right? Why not leave a comment? Let me know what you think.  And remember if you can't for some strange reason, post a comment here on the blog,  check out A Day In the Life on Facebook at.


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  1. leaving my comment to let you know that i think you should've gotten a plain comforter and the star wars sheets. hahaha