Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't be a Redneck

Ok so I did have some other idea for today's post, but after waking up this morning and rummaging through Yahoo, I came across a story that really bothered me.

So I see this story on Yahoo about a town here in my home state of Good Ol' Indiana. Now through the years my state has been portrayed in movies and media as sort of Hicksville. Uneducated, Redneck Country Bumpkins, where everybody grows corn, owns a cow and loves basketball. Now don't get me wrong, we do love our basketball. Who could forget this instant classic?

So anyway, I've always been a little perturbed at how we're generally classified, and this story today doesn't help. 

Now I know that I've been posting more and more you tube videos, and maybe you don't actually watch them. Although you should, they're usually funny. But please, please watch this one. This is the story that I saw on Yahoo today.

Apparently the Uneducated, Redneck Country Bumpkins are still alive and strong here. I'll tell you the story then you can watch the video and see for yourself.

So this little girl has been singing the National Anthem for her School for the past two years,  quite nicely I might add. However, these Redneck idiots from a nearby town complained that she wasn't singing the song the traditional  way, and disrespecting those who have served in our armed forces, and she was asked not to perform the song any longer.

Here is her version of the National Anthem. Again, the same version of the National Anthem she has been singing for the past two years.
Again, I personally find nothing wrong with the way she sings this song, and It really makes me mad that there are those who claim it disrespects the men and women of our country who have served. Come on you Uneducated, Redneck Country Bumpkins.

I'm sure that this happens all the time, all over the world, with all sorts of people and races. Maybe I don't see it, or maybe I choose not to see it. Whatever the case, this one just struck me this morning.


So tell me do you think she's being disrespectful?

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