Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So yesterday I thought all day about what to post. I seriously thought about what interesting thing could I ramble about that people might want to read and discuss. I thought about the story of Taco Bell's beef. Have you heard? There are some lawyers in Alabama that claim Taco Bell's beef is not actually beef? Soooo let me get this straight. In Alabama you have to have a degree in Law to figure out that Taco Bell's beef is not all natural? Wow. I could have told you it wasn't real beef years ago. But in the end, I didn't really want to post that because I felt like, so what who cares (said in my best Saturday Night Live voice).

I combed the blog world for thoughts and ideas of something to blog. I came across a trendy topic right now that involves sort of a Back to the Future theme. It's one of those what would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to when you were 16? Naturally I would tell myself to study harder, don't be so hard on my parents, and of course bet on Jordan and the Bulls to win 6 NBA Championships. But again, wasn't sure I could get much out of that post.

See yesterday I approached DIL (Day In the Life) as more of a project, or school paper, instead of just sitting down at the computer and going, much like now. I wanted it to be something. I wanted it to make people want to read it. I wanted it to be inspiring, or funny or thought provoking.

But instead time slipped away from me and the closer it got to my bed time the harder I found it to come up with something clever, or worth the effort. So if you were just sitting there yesterday waiting on some magic DIL post that was going to change your world, I have two things to say. One, sorry I couldn't provide that, and two you need to get out more.

Ok so anyway, in my thought process yesterday, I thought about starting a Wordless Wednesday. Basically my Wednesday posts will be mostly pictures, and few words. Yes I realize that today is Wednesday, and that this post not only has a lot of words, but it rambles, and is very lengthy, thus already breaking the rules for Wordless Wednesday. But whatever

Changing gears. About a week or so ago the DW and I noticed the dryer getting louder and louder. I mentioned that I thought the rollers inside were worn and knocking. This week I opened 'er up. Sure enough there was one roller inside that the barrel rides on that was worn and needed replaced. I ordered the parts, and today they arrived. In the process of repairing said dryer this evening, my ever supportive DW says I'm really amazed that you knew what was wrong with it. Wow, nice attack on my manhood babe. Thanks. So anyway, I took a picture of the parts I replaced. As sort of the start of my Wordless Wednesday.

Oh and yes the dryer is quite, and works good as new.


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