Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guilty I say

So tonight I had one of those moments when I was thinking that I'm really glad I'm not homeless. I took the trash down tonight for the Friday pick-up tomorrow, and man was it cold. I don't just mean cold, I mean down to the bone type of cold. The type of cold that no barrel fire is gonna keep you warm enough. So it made me appreciate what I have a little bit more. You know in the summer time I take the trash down and the only real thoughts that run through my head are things like, man this trash stinks, or this is a long walk down to the end of the drive. Tonight when I got it, I was way more appreciative of my life and the things I have. My family, my home, my socks. Hey sometimes it's the little thing right?

Ok so the other day I was reading an article in Time Magazine where one of O.J Simpson's former lawyers, F. Lee Bailey, claims they had more evidence to prove O.J's innocence's. Are you kidding me? He claims in his new book that he wrote this book to help the public opinion of O.J. Are you freaking kidding me? Come on man. I'm not sure there are a handful of people on this planet that believe O.J didn't commit those murders. Here's the thing. This jerk claims they had four individuals who that did not testify, and one of them was an eye witness who says he saw Nicole arguing with two men outside her home that night over some drug money.  If that's even remotely close to the truth, then why are we just now hearing about it? I mean does anybody thing for a minute that O.J's defense team sat in a room discussing this case and agreed it would be a good idea not to have these four testify? Especially the eye witness? I'm sure that conversation went something like this:

Shapiro:  I don't know guys this whole trial is getting kind of ugly, and really talking a long time. We need a show stopper.
F. Lee Bailey:  Well ,you know we've still got these four individuals that we can call to the stand, not to mention the one eye witness.
Cochran: Guys you know I've been working on a little jingle I kind of like. It goes something like this. "If the glove don't fit you must acquit" .
Shapiro: Yeah Yeah I like that Cochran, I like that. Let's go with the glove thing, and make sure you say it with some feeling.

Please.... Here's another thing. Why didn't we hear any of this during the Civil Trial? Come on Bailey. I'm not buying it.

Ok so I've had my little rant for the day. Time it pack it in.


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