Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok so before I get into today's post, I have to warn you, It's a little graphic. Graphic in the sense that if you have a weak stomach, this might not be for you.

So I get to work today and the guy I sit next to says did you see the Jets/Steelers game? to which I reply no my wife had me doing something else.
He quickly goes into obviously the most interesting part of the game. Dude Mark Sanchez wiped a booger on the back-up quarterback. It was hilarious. 

Apparently in CBS's quest to capture every detail of the game, they managed to show the Jet's Quarterback picking his nose and then wiping it on another player's coat. Now my first thought, besides gross, was why do guys find this sort of thing funny? My second thought was, I'm gonna check it out on you tube the first chance I get. Which of course, I did. 

Now here's the thing for me. I do find this gross, and disgusting, and sadly I've come to realize that this is just the way us guys are. We're gross. We do gross things and think they're funny. We burp, we fart, we pick our nose (although everybody does, men just make it more obvious).  Now I don't recall myself every wiping a booger on anybody, but I have had my gross moments, like that time I...never mind.

So if you didn't see the game, and you haven't already checked it out on You Tube here you go for your viewing pleasure. It really is funny. Well at least it's funny to us guys. I don't know why, it just is.


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