Monday, January 3, 2011

BlackBerry blogging

Ok so I'm going to attempt to Blog for the next few days from my blackberry. Not the easiest thing to do by the way.
So anyway during my eight hour ride to the middle of nowhere most people call Iowa, I started reading the book A Million little pieces. I'm sure you've heard of it. Its the book by James Frey. We was on Oprah,recovering drug and alcohol addict.So he's on Oprah telling about the and about his life as an addict. He tells the world how its all true and yadda, yadda, yadda. Well Oprah basically endorses the book on her show and now (sorry this was a few years back) every housewife in America buys this jokers book. He sells millions of copies,most of which are not until after Oprah has him on her show. Now he is a crazy millionaire. Well soon after the show people start to question the validity of the book. I know why didn't these questions come out before the show (hello). So anyway, things come out and determined that what we thought were this jokers memoirs about being an addict and his road to recovery has been fabricated somewhat. Now from the research I did on the book today it seems that the book is "based on a true story",which I don't have a problem with really. I mean after all he's trying to sell books right? What I do have a problem with though is that I saw the Oprah show (yes I'm comfortable enough to admit that I watch Oprah every once in awhile if the DW has it on. Plus I'm not sure anybody reads this blog anyway). So during the show while he's telling every housewife (and me) in America his sad drug user turned feel good story, I'm buying it. Now as I'm reading the book and know that he embellished the truth, I'm mad and confused about what's real and what's not.

Ok so now that I've had my rant, might I say that I enjoy the book. Now I'm only a hundred pages or so into it, but I do like it and ill tell you why.

So the book starts out he is 23 and basically he is angry,self destructive, and self centered. He's lonely and hates people and himself,and I enjoy the read because I can relate. Now anyone who knows me knows that in my past I was all these things as well. Now I wasn't quite the train wreck to the extent that this guy was (although how much of his story is true), but I was a train wreck. I can relate to this story to a degree.

So I won't go into to much more details than that, mostly because it sucks blogging from my phone, but also because I want to keep reading the book. So if you haven't read it I recommend reading it the next time you have to be in a car for eight hours.


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