Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long Day

Ok so today has been a really long day. Spent eleven and a half hours at a customers facility today. Now anybody who knows anything about this type of business already knows that any time spent at the customer is not a good thing. Normally they don't "invite" you to come out to their place. Your usually there because of problems. So anyway its been a long day and a long week.

Alright so I have nothing interesting to say tonight. I think that's because its been such a long day and my brain is just not very creative. Or maybe its because I'm not a very interesting person. Or maybe its because I'm typing this out on my blackberry and quite frankly that sucks. Or maybe its because I just want to sit here in my luxury suite here at the Holiday Inn Express in Waterloo Iowa and flip through the t.v. Channels and watch some craptastic entertainment. Whatever the reason I'm just not feeling it tonight.


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