Friday, June 10, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Hey Lifers..

OK so last night was a pretty big day for us. You see a couple of weeks ago my oldest clown was nominated as a princess contestant in our town. Well actually is sort of the town over, but whatever. Every year the town has what is called a Red, White, and Blue Festival. They honor veterans of past/present, they have a parade, food, rides, the whole nine yards. Anyway, they also have a Red, White, and Blue Festival Princess.

Now in a nut shell, to become the Princess you have to get the most votes. To get votes you have to raise money, so every penny is worth one vote, got it? At the end of the couple weeks the money is tallied, and half goes to the festival, and half goes to a cancer research through the local Phi Beta Psi sorority.

So the DW and my oldest clown put collection cans around town with a picture of her on it asking for donations. The DW also spread the word on FB and family, friends, and maybe even strangers generously voted.

Long story short, the oldest clown won. Here's her picture as she's being crown the Red, White, and Blue Princess. She ended up collecting over $660.00.

pic credit here
 We're so proud of her.


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  1. Tell Emily congrats from her great aunt & uncle. She looks so cute accepting her crown. This is something she will never forget. We are proud of her too.

  2. That's FANTATSIC!! She IS a princess and certainly didn't need the crown to confirm that but how awesome. What a great cause too!