Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Now I Don't Feel So Bad

Hey Lifers

So the other day I'm getting the clowns some ice cream or something, and I was pretty sure the night before I had run the dishwasher. Well, the oldest started whining said something about no clean spoons and I told her to get one out of the dishwasher.

Soon after I told the middle clown to get a spoon out of the dishwasher as well. She did and didn't say anything about it.

Later that night I went to get something out of it myself and realized I in fact had not run it. Nice. Yeah that's right, I let practically forced my clowns to eat off of dirty silverware. I know, Father of the Year right?

Now I didn't tell the clowns about it, but I did feel pretty bad, this is until tonight, when I caught them drinking the pool water out of squirt guns........


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1 comment:

  1. Haaaa! That's awesome and you KNOW if they had figured it out you'd be hearing about it!