Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is Gonna Suck

Hey Lifers...

Ok so normally my posts are pretty tame. Simple observations about me and or the family. Never political, and I try to stay away from the Hot topics that stir a lot of debate or make you pick a side. Usually that's because I don't care about politics, and opinions on the Hot topics are like....well you know the rest.

However today is a little differnt. Today I'm on my soap box, and I'm screaming from the rooftops. I'm letting the world know that I'm made as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. Ok I'm just kidding.

See this is me texting and driving. Well ok I'm not exactly texting and driving, because if that were true, then that would mean I used my other hand to snap the picture and was driving with my knees, and I never, usually don't, haven't done that in a day or so.

Anyway, my point here is that after today texting and driving in my state will become ilegal. That right people just like Donnie Baker says....IT'S A STATE LAW.

So what's next, they make wearing a seat belt a law, or tell me I can't smoke where I want, or make my clowns wear a uniform to school? This is an outrage people. For the record, I wear my seatbelt, don't smoke, and my clowns don't wear a uniform. I just thought it would be funny.  

Well at least I can still check Facebook, or Twitter while eating my burger and fries driving down the road.  They can't take that away from me....Can they?


So tell me Lifers did you know texting and driving becomes ilegal tomorrow? Do you care? Will it affect you?

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