Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting Older

Hey Lifers..

So not only was this past weekend Father's Day, but my birthday was on Saturday. So I pretty much got the royal treatment all weekend thanks to the DW and clowns.

Now they say that your only as old as you feel right? Well for the most part I believe this. Most of the time I don't feel a day over 29, and the gray hair, well that's genetics right?

Well that was until recently.

You see my clowns are now on summer vacation. Which means for them doing as little as possible, except maybe swimming. This also means staying up late.

Now up to this point I've always been able to hang, so to speak, with the clowns and their version of late nights which consisted of staying up until 9 or 10.

 Yeah again, that was until now.

I'd like to believe that it's due to the fact that I get up at the crack of dawn, work hard all day long, come home and work in the fields until the sun goes down. I then come in and repair or clean something, until I call it a night, but that might be a stretch. After all I don't get up that early, and who am I kidding about the whole working hard thing. 

So I've come to the conclusion that you officially become old when you have to go to bed and your clowns are still watching Phineas and Ferb.


I remember I used to make fun of my dad for taking a nap in his chair before he went to bed. It looks like the apple hasn't fallen to far from the tree.

Tell me Lifers, how late do you stay up on weeknights?

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