Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Perfect 10

Hey Lifers...

Hope everybody is having an awesome weekend. 

So the other day I was at a restaurant minding my own business, and I happened to overhear a couple of ladies talking. They were discussing their weight. You know about how they need to loose weight, or how much they still want to loose or whatever.

Now I get that we all have our insecurities, and we all have features about ourselves that we'd like to change especially as we get older. Throw some clowns in the mix, and things tend to go a little south. So I get where these two ladies were coming from.

But as I looked at these ladies, I saw two beautiful women. And I'm sure that if I asked other people around the restaurant they would have agreed with me. I saw two caring mothers who would do anything for their children. I saw two ladies who love and are loved. I saw two strong successful women.

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 I know there are magazines, movies, and dolls that portray the perfect girl, but come on.

 I read a survey on Yahoo the other day that asked men what they loved about their women. Not one of them said they loved her because she had the perfect body. They said the things that attracted them the most were things like her confidence, her style, her humor, her overall attitude, or her heart.

Anyway, I guess my point is don't get so hung up on the few extra pounds ladies. We love you for you. We think you're beautiful for so many reasons.

After all, have you seen us lately?


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