Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You're The One That I Want

Hey Lifers...

Today I saw a picture and it reminded me of the movie Grease, more to the point it reminded me of Sandy. I'm sure you all remember the movie, and you fellas remember Sandy right?

So anyway, the movie came out in 1978 and I think I saw it a few years later at the drive-in. Ahh yes, the drive-in.

When I was little we had a drive-in about 20 minutes from our house. In the summer, my mom would pack a cooler full of drinks, and snacks, and we would load up the station wagon and head to the drive-in. Dad would drive from speaker to speaker trying to find one that works and us kids would play outside, sit on the roof of the car, or in lawn chairs until we fell asleep in the back seat. I remember seeing Grease, Star Wars, and later even Ferris Bueller's Day Off at that drive-in. It was always the best time.

OK so back to my point.

So like I said, I was thinking about the movie. Now for those of us who saw it know that there were basically two different Sandy's. Good Sandy, and Bad Sandy. For those of you who have never seen the movie, sorry I'm about to ruin it for ya here.

Long story short. In the beginning of the film Sandy is a transfer student from Australia. She is the Good Sandy. Good manners, proper, doesn't drink or smoke, does the right thing so to speak. She meets Danny a hooligan who is none of these things. By the end of the movie Sandy decides that to be with Danny she must change and be more like his crowd. Insert Bad Sandy here.

Now when I saw this movie I was still pretty little, maybe somewhere between 7 and 10. However, I knew a hot Sandy on the big screen when I saw one.

Which brings me to the point of my post. As a fella which Sandy did you prefer.

Good Sandy shown here.

Good Sandy pic credit
 Or Bad Sandy, shown here.

Bad Sandy pic credit
 And for you ladies, which Sandy where you. I won't ask which Sandy are you, because I'm sure we're all Good Sandy's now right?

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