Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Go With It...

Hey Lifers. Happy Monday.

Yeah I know, those two words don't exactly go together do they?

So this past week as I mentioned, I was out in LA. On the flight out, the airline was showing a movie called, Just Go With It.

Here's the trailer.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Now maybe it was because I was sitting next to some old lady who smelled like pickled beats, and I didn't want a have to stare at her for 3 plus hours. Or maybe it was because,  I wouldn't have to listen to the chick behind me who was yelling because she had her IPod in her ears. Either way it wasn't to bad.

It's somewhat a typical Adam Sandler movie. He funny, not to raunchy, and appears to have good chemistry with co-star Jennifer Aniston. Basically the movie is about him creating a fake family with Aniston and her children to get a girl. Hey, look at me, I'm a regular Roger Ebert.

Anyway, for a free flight movie, it was well worth it.


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