Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey Lifers...

OK so have you heard of this new thing called Plankin? Well I've  been hearing more and more of it lately so decided to do a little research to see what it's all about. 

Basically to Plank is to lay down straight as, you got it, a board. You lay horizontally face down. Point your fingers and toes down towards your feet. Then I guess you have to name your Plank, and someone has to take a picture and post to Facebook or Twitter.

Sounds pretty stupid right? Well it is.

I guess the thing about it is to do it in unusual places. Places that would be dangerous, adventurous, or hard to pull off. Here are a few pictures I found of some people Plankin.
Check out this guy at the drive-thru.

How about this dude in the plane.

What would you think if you went to get some O.J and saw this dude?

Ok this one is my fav so far. And it did make me laugh out loud.


So tell me Lifers, have you heard of Plankin?


  1. I've heard of it but only because I saw some story on the news about a dumbshart who decided to get drunk and do it on a balcony of his hotel room. Yes...balcony...some 6 or 7 or 8 stories up or some rediculousness as such. As you can imagine it did not end well for the young man. I suppose its time to count myself among the "old", "uncool", "not hip" because I find this retarded. Boo Hiss Daffy the party pooper :o) If I'm in the plank position I'd likely fall asleep.

  2. Man, plankin at the drive-thru? That's so weird and funny! Actually, all pictures are really funny. If hope no one will try plankin while driving or plankin out of a car window, because that would be dangerous. Kids should not try this.

  3. I laughed out loud at the dryer one too!

    Hmm . . . noticed that you didn't post a planking picture of yourself. Or did you? lol