Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Excuse Me

Hey Lifers...

So Mini-me is going through that growing up into a boy stage. You know he's five now, and it appears that this is where baby toddler boys become little boys.

About a week or so ago, he figured out how to make himself burp. Now I have no real issues with the random around the house buuurrrp that comes from his pie hole. But we do live with three ladies. And ladies don't think burping the alphabet is nearly as impressive as his ol' man does.

So anyway, the kid goes around all day making himself burp. Generally he does follow that with 'scuse me, so at least he's sort of remembering his manners?

Here's the thing. I think it's hard for him to understand when it's cool, and when it's not so cool. 

A week or so ago, I took him with me to the auto parts store. While standing at the counter, the clown burps. Buurrp, 'scuse me. I give him that, C'mon Man we're in public look, but don't chastise. By the time we're out of the store, I've forgotten all about it.

Last night after swimming, he comes inside, gets dry clothes on and buurrp, 'scuse me. At this point his mother goes all full name on him, you know when you use the first, middle, and last name to yell at em? Well in this case he has two middle names, so you know she was fed up.

Maybe it's just a case of him learning which parent will let him get away with what.

I mentioned he's morphing from toddler baby boy to little boy right? Well the other thing he's started doing is spitting. This one I don't get. I'm sure I did it to, but still I don't get why?

Oh sure there are some reasons as an adult why we may have to spit. But if this kid is outside he's a spittin'.

 I don't know, maybe it's one of those things that he does because he's figured out how.


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  1. Give him a break. It's a boy thing that he has discovered. You and your two cousins did it and you guys all turned out ok for the most part. Relax.

  2. It must be a five year old thing because mine just learned to burp too and does it ALL the time. However, I don’t have room to talk because I go around burping all the time too. Better up the elevator than down, like my Papa used to say!