Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So being your typical middle aged married man with clowns, I have a horrible memory. I mean, I forget names of people I work with. I forget birthdays and my own phone number. I forget street names, computer passwords and if I closed the garage door. There are countless things that I forget in a day, week or month. Obviously it's not that I mean to forget these things. Maybe it's because I have so much knowledge crammed inside my brain that after a short period it has to empty to fit more stuff in. Sort of like a FIFO system (First In First Out). Or maybe it's because life is so hectic and I have a touch of ADD. Maybe a little of the latter is probably more accurate.

Anyway there are a few things I will never forget, and 9 years ago today is one of those days. You see that is the day that my DW and I were married. I can remember just about ever detail of that day. I remember getting dressed thinking "wow, I'm about to get married". I can remember seeing her in the parking lot of the church and how beautiful she was (yes we saw each other right before the wedding). I can remember seeing her come down the isle and getting emotional saying my vows. I can remember just about everything from that 24 hour period of November 3rd, 2001.

You see every marriage starts out the same. With a commitment to love, honor, and respect, regardless of the ceremony, building or flowers. Some work and some don't. I know that we've had our differences, and it hasn't always been easy. But we've always had that Love, Honor, and Respect. We didn't have a big ceremony, and we had an even smaller reception. And I'm sure there were people who doubted we last a year, since we met on a blind date and had only known each other 10 months tops. But here we are 3 clowns and 9 years later, still going strong.

So as I get older and older and I forget more and more stuff, I'm glad that the events of that day are still so fresh in my mind. So I'll take forgetting to put the garage door down, or what my phone number is, because I'm sure she'll remind me anyway......I love you babe.


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