Monday, November 8, 2010

Doing Chores

Now when I was a child us kids had chores around the house that we had to do. Although I don't really remember if we had anything specific that was considered our chore, but we did have chores. We had to take out the trash, or do the dishes, fold the laundry you know things like that. And so I have slowly begun to get my clowns acclimated to chores. And just like every clown before them they hate 'em.

Of course I don't make them do anything to outrageous like pan for gold or anything, but I do make them help out a little. You know just the same things I had to do when I was young. Dishes, trash, animals.

I have to admit though I am sort of torn about making them do these things and you may think I'm crazy, but he's why.
I think that right now they are little, and while I believe it is a good "habit' to get into of doing dishes and taking out the trash and having some responsibility when you are young, I also think they will have their entire life to do "chores". I can remember as a young child doing the dishes or feeding the dog when my parents made me, but I'm not so sure it made me any more responsible? I mean what did it really teach me? Great I can put food in a dog's bowl when it's empty? Am I a better person for that? Am I somehow a better man for knowing that you must rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? (maybe the DW thinks so) But I mean really? Is it worth it?
Now don't get me wrong, I believe they should pick up their toys or when they get things out they should put them back, but I guess I feel sort of bad making them do the everyday household "chores". Crazy huh?
I can remember as a child telling my mom how when I had kids I would NEVER make them do chores. Of course I was like 9 at the time so what did I know. I'm sure that was just because I thought it was unfair. But you see that's somewhat my point. I don't look back on those days now and think, boy I'm glad my mom and dad made me do the dishes, that was some great parental guidance there. I can also remember having to do the dishes with my siblings and it seemed like it always led to more fights then clean dishes.

So again, I'm somewhat torn about making them do chores. I'm not sure how much it help my clowns on the road of life. On the flip side, it sure does help the DW and I.


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