Thursday, November 18, 2010

Testing 1,2,3 and A Little About Me

Ok so tonight I've been trying to figure out how to add photos to the blog from my phone. My thought was that when I was out and about if the mood struck me I could take a picture and add it. I thought it would be a nice touch. Well it didn't exactly work like I wanted it to, but as we say here in my neck of the wood, there's more than one way to skin a squirrel (said in my best hillbilly voice). Actually I don't think I've ever said that.
I did figure out how to add pictures in general though. Here is one of my favs.  Hopefully you all know what this is.

So the more I think we're all basically the same on this great big world, the more I think maybe we're not.

Yesterday I mentioned how awesome my day was. I woke up and really felt good, refreshed, vibrant. Then today things were just "normal".

Today I was tired, my body hurt from playing ball or sleeping on a bad mattress, or from whatever (some might say old age), so I just drudged through the day, doing my work, but noting to spectacular. Nothing really happened. Nothing brought me down or made me upset or really picked me up, it was just a normal day. So as I walked through the day and did my thing, I wondered if there were co-workers who were having that "great" day? Someone who feels like the sun is shining down on only them? Or are we all just drudging through the day? Did someone else have a great day yesterday, and now they are "back to normal" like myself? Are we all that much alike or am I crazy?

So tonight since I really have nothing of interest to talk about I thought I'd tell ya a little bit about me..

So here goes. I do not like Pitch-in dinners unless it is my family only. No offense I just don't want to eat other people's cooking. I do not like to eat chicken on the bone. Boneless chicken is cool, but don't like it on the bone unless I or the DW fried it. Otherwise forget it. I do not eat rice. 'nuff said. I do not like to use the same fork for both dinner and desert, even if just at home. I'm a sports nut. Played and watched the big 3 all my life. Named all 3 of my clowns after family members (mine and the DW's). I've had 13 cars and one motorcycle in my lifetime and have been in 3 major wrecks. I've lived in 8 different houses, but only one state. I love the cold winter months. The snow, the cold, the rain. I think winter makes you appreciate the little things in life more,
and if it doesn't then it should.

I have a horrible fear of spiders. So much so, that I have nightmares about them. I've been known to wake up in a cold sweat and in a panic because of a spider dream. I can not watch t.v about them, I can not see them outside or around the house and it usually freaks me out just to think about them. My clowns have caught on to this now and think it's funny to tease me about it, but to me it's a fear just like being afraid of heights or public speaking. 

Over the years I have taught myself how to play the guitar, juggle (I know corny but it's a conversation piece), and am working on learning Spanish (although that one is tough). I've been a sports correspondent for two different news papers, and have a passion for theater. Well ok not sure about the passion thing, but I do want to act in a play. I have had 3 dogs 4 cats, countless fish and a snake as pets.

I never served in the armed forces but there is a piece of me that wishes I had. I pride myself on being a good husband and father. Every night I tuck my clowns in bed, we say our prayers, and I tell them tomorrow make good decisions, be smart, be a leader, and do the right thing, in hopes that one day they will reach the cross roads of life and those words with echo in their minds.

Well that's about all I got for tonight. I mostly just wanted to figure out how to post some pictures on here, and now that I have, oh boy watch out.....


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