Sunday, November 21, 2010

Twice As Nice

Ok so let me just say that some of you out there may read this and think I brought this on myself, (read open up and say ahh)  and to that I say touche.

Early this morning, about two o'clock to be exact, it happened. Again, I lay still pretending not to hear. Mom, I puked again. My natural instincts kick in...I quickly spring into action and shake the DW to wake her up. Then it hits me. Crap, it's the weekend, and she has an early morning session tomorrow. Looks like it's my turn.

So I get up with her, it's the first clown again. I don't understand it, she seemed fine yesterday? She played, she ate, no issues, no fever, no complaints. How could this be? I think maybe it's just a dream because of my blog post from the other day, then the smell hits me. She managed to get one entire arm, and she managed to walk from her bed to ours without wiping it off at all. Nice.

I get her cleaned up, and settled onto the couch. Her bed is a mess. She sleeps on the top bunk. Again..nice. I clean up as much as I can without disturbing clown #2. I finally settle down in the recliner. I jump at every sniffle, cough, and dog bark for the next 10 to 15 minutes, almost like an expecting father minutes away from his wife's water breaking. So far no after shocks. I relax and figure maybe it's passed and we can get a few hours sleep before the rest of them wake.

In what seems like five minutes later, I'm awakened again. It's mini-me. In a panic, I run him through the gauntlet of questions. Are you ok? Does your belly hurt? Did you throw-up? Do you need to potty? My barrage of questions has him stumbling through the living room like he's been hit with a Mike Tyson right cross. He has no clear answers. He appears to just be sleepwalking. I corral him back to his bed, and wish him a good night.

I snuggle back into my recliner again with the thoughts of getting some sleep before dawn breaks. Again, I am awakened what seems like five minutes later.  

Dad I'm puking. I wake up, standing over me is Clown #2. She too has the stench that can not be disguised. The poor thing, she looks scared, nearly in tears. I get her cleaned up as well and then go tackle their room. It's now pushing 4:30 in the morning.

Ok so I'm finally able to get both girls resting, get cleaned up myself, and lay back down on the recliner. A few hours later the wife gets up and surveys the damage. I get back up with her and start working on the laundry that follows a night like this. There are sheets and blankets to wash. Clothes, pillows and snuggies. Yes the wife's beloved snuggie had been hit.

The rest of my day has been nothing but cleaning, and laundry, and baths, and spraying Lysol, accompanied by a few more hurls.

So now it looks like it's down to just the boy as far as this bug is concerned. I guess for me it's a good thing I have to work tomorrow.


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