Friday, November 5, 2010

Blogging and Being Rude

Ok so I'm not so sure I know what I'm doing with this whole blog thing. I mean I don't know if there is a certain "rule of thumb" I'm supposed to be following, or if I'm just supposed to "write" down all the crap that runs through my head? Which seems a little scary. Do I have anything interesting to say today? Something that somebody might in the least, be interested in? Should I make something up? Should I tell a story? Do I even have any good stories? I'm sure I have some good stories, but not sure I want to post that all over the internet. That sounds more like a Springer episode then a blog.  
See the problem is that I have my best thoughts or ideas when I'm sitting is some stupid meeting discussing widgets, and some knucklehead starts talking about how to make widgets and who's doing what, then some other knucklehead says "that's not my job", or "it's not our department", and we get into the same argument that we had last week over who's going to do what, and when. That's usually when I have my best ideas, or my best thoughts anyway. And the trouble is, I don't always have the luxury of blogging right then. Now I guess I could go back to my desk and whip something up, but I think they might frown on that sort of activity in the office while on company time. Whatever. 

Ok so I know I'm just rambling again tonight. But you see that's the point. Once my day slows down and the clowns are tucked in bed, and the wife is working, I sit down and start my blog. But some days I have nothing clever to say? And not that I have to be clever all the time, but deep down I want people to read my blog, (and clever doesn't hurt). So being new to the blogging scene I'm not sure what to do? Do I talk about my day? Do I write a story? Do I quote some great leader of years past? I mean I want people to be inspired or amused or just enjoy it, but truth be told, I just don't think I'm all that interesting? I know that may come as a shock to know, but I'm really beginning to think that. 

Ok so shifting gears I do have something that I need clarification on. I was thinking about this on my way to a meeting today. How many times do you have to say hi, mornin' or give the head nod "hello" to the same person in one day? I mean I pass the same people in the office all day long and every time we pass it seems like we have to say something or smile that fake, I just saw you five minutes ago smile, or head nod. You know the nod where you tip your head up ever so slightly in essence to say "s'up" without having to actually say "s'up"? Does this ritual have to take place? Am I required to acknowledge this person, again? Can't I just walk past? Can't you just walk past? Is it rude? Will you think I'm being rude if we don't acknowledge each other for the fifth time this morning? I don't know? 
You see this is the type of boring stuff that a middle aged married man of 3 clowns thinks about daily. This is, a day in the life.


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