Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do your Thang

Ok so lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about religion and my personal walk with God. I consider myself a born again Christian. I didn't grow up in a church, and quite frankly I didn't know or think much about God. I guess I thought maybe there was a God or something, but he didn't get much press around my house growing up. So anyway after my oats were sowed, so to speak, I started searching for God. I started going to church and realized that there is a God, and one day I accepted Him into my life and confessed to follow Christ. But you see over the last couple maybe 3 years my walk with God has been more of a, you go on ahead and I'll catch up with you sort of relationship. I've been one of those persons who believes in God, and believes that Christ is my saviour, however I'm not perfect and so maybe it's just easier to let God just go and do his thang, and I'll catch you later. Maybe it's that old saying "I'd rather laugh with the sinners and cry with the saints,  'cuz the sinners are much more fun". Ok maybe that's not a "saying", but I know I heard it in a Billy Joel song.

So anyway, I guess I have this feeling of, I have to be perfect to worship, or go to church or be a Christian. And you know for awhile I thought I was. I thought I was being obedient, and doing what God wanted me to do or being what he wanted me to be. But then I would backslide and I naturally would feel guilty. Then maybe I felt like I'm just going through the motions on Sunday, and Monday through Saturday was all about me. Or maybe the guilt was just to much. Or maybe I enjoyed not having a higher power to be accountable to? Maybe I cared to much about what other people thought? I don't know but for whatever "real" reason I stopped going to church on a regular basis. Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm out there robbing, and stealing, and cheatin'. But I'm not perfect, and it's that feeling that has led me to this point.

Ok so I told you that I've been thinking a lot about God and religion. Blame it on a mid-life crisis, blame it on seeing people around me losing loved ones, or heck, blame it on the monkey butt, (see past post if you don't get the reference) but whatever it is I think I've come to realize that just like in the move City Slickers the key to life is one thing. And you have to find your One Thing, because after all today is the first day of the rest of your life. None of us are perfect, so stop trying to be. Stop over thinking God, Religion, and Life, and find your one thing. Stop worrying about what other people might say or think,  and be happy. Do your thang.


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