Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ok so tonight I had some great things I wanted to discuss. I'd been thinking all day long about a few "hot" button topics but I think I'll table them for another time. Partly because I can, and mostly because I'm tired.

You see I started playing basketball tonight in a church league. We won in overtime. It was a pretty good game although I didn't play particularly well. Nobody on the team is real great, but we've got some decent guys. Besides it was nice to get out and play and fellowship. I'll tell you what though. Anybody who doesn't think that Church leagues (for any sport) is competitive are nuts. Now don't get me wrong, there are a few teams that don't take it to seriously, but for the most part that team wants to win just as bad as you do, and they're willing to lay it all on the line to do so. I've played both softball and basketball in church leagues and it's fierce.

Sorry, but that's all I've got tonight.



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