Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

So I'm really beat tonight. It's been a long day. First I stayed up to late watching the Monday Night Football game last night. Then I had to take a little road trip today so that wore me out. I was in the car for a little more then four hours today. Why is it that driving like that wears you out? So anyway, I really don't feel very much like blogging tonight and think I will turn in early.

So after weeks of my mail box being filled with pamphlets and propaganda from the local sheriff to the town treasurer, Election Day is finally here, and I did my part, I voted.

The wife and I both voted today. It felt good. You know like we were doing the right thing, almost, dare I say....Grown up? On our way to our polling place I thought about all the pamphlets we got in the mail over the last few weeks.This one talking about this one, and don't vote for her, vote for me. Or this one is this, or that one is that. And most of the time they never really talk about the issues, or what they will do to fix the issues, but rather why the other person stinks. So like I said it made me think about all the mail and all the time and money that goes into creating, printing, and mailing these things. Most of the time I just throw them out, but tonight my DW  just happened to have a few of these "post cards" in the van and was looking at them on our way, and I couldn't help but laugh at her. She would read one, set it down, then read the other. I thought here we were just minutes from casting our votes and she was reading these things one last time. But I guess that's really what they are counting on, that you will be undecided and that a mailer will help. Advertising is a powerful tool. They want you to remember their add. Or remember the sign in the yard with their name on it or in this case the mailer. Now I don't know if it made any difference to her or not, but she was doing exactly what they wanted.

Well so anyway, kudos to my DW. At least she took the time to read them.


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  1. LOL I never read them. I almost had the urge to vote for the person who didn't finger point. Great post