Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's That Time of Year

It's that time of year again. The time when you dig all the stuff out of the garage or closets, dust it off, clean it up and head outside. Around here it's a way of life for most. Yeah that's right, I'm talking about Deer Season.

Now I don't hunt, or fish, and quite frankly I'd rather jab an ice pick into my eye socket than to do either one, but where I live, like I said hunting is a way of life for most. At work they have rearranged schedules because so many people take time off during the start of the season.

Now here's the thing that doesn't set well with me. First it's not really "hunting"  it's more like ambushing. Maybe they should call it that and I would feel better about it. Maybe if I met someone from around here for the first time and they asked me if I was an Ambusher, instead of a hunter maybe I would feel differently about it. I mean think about it. Are they really "hunting" the animal? After all, they get a stand, put it up in a tree and wait for something to come by right? Then, when they see something, they stay just as quite as they can before BANG!! Got one.

Here's another thing.  I read a little article that talked about using things like Deer Decoys, Deer Urine, to mask your human smell, and Deer Food to help lure them to your stand all to help you "hunt". Seriously?

Ok so isn't that just like calling the pizza place and having them deliver it to my door? I mean I'll just sit here, tell you what I want, lure you with a tip, tell you how to get exactly to my house, and when you get right up to my door...BAM, Dinner's ready!

So again, is it really hunting? Wouldn't it make more sense, if we're going to call it hunting, that the hunter be on his feet, walking through the woods looking for said deer? Tracking his footprints and chasing him down on foot? I mean I guess I might understand it a little more if we all depended on the deer as part of our income or we used the hides and made coats and things out of 'em, but most hunters kill them for the meat, and lets not kid ourselves, they do it for the sport as well. For the thrill of the kill. Don't get me wrong, I'm ok with that. You do your thang, but I don't get it.  

Here's another thing I don't get about this deer hunting. They get up in the wee hours of the morning. Usually in the cold. They drag their stuff to "the perfect spot". They set-up camp just before dawn. In the tree by day break. Then they sit there and they wait. Sometimes they wait and wait and wait. Sometimes they don't see a single deer all day. They sit there for 12 hours or more just waiting for a deer to come by? Meanwhile I've been to the grocery store, the bank, picked up lunch for the family and am still home in time to watch the early football games. Now that's not the kicker. I've talked to guys who have told me that yeah they saw a couple of them out there, but were never able to get a shot on 'em, or the deer was to small? What? No shot? I've even known guys to go the entire season and not see a deer? Not one stinking deer? Are you kidding me? Heck I see at least one on the side of the road every week during this time of year. Now if it was me and I happened to be in this position (which I wouldn't be), and I saw one and I've been in this stand all day, and maybe this is the only one I've seen all season, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be gettin' me a deer. I'd just keep shooting at that thing till I had no more bullets, then if still nothing, I'd throw my gun at it. I would chase that thing down and hog tie it like I was a professional bull rider for crying out loud.

 Well so anyway, I don't mean to offend anyone who might be a hunter out there. To each his own right. I mean I said before you have to do Your Thang. As for me, I'll stick to the pre-packaged stuff, it's easier to catch.


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