Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Road Traveled

So today I'm traveling with someone from work. I will be in a car for about 6 hours. We will spend the night, then get up the next morning and drive back. You know you don't know somebody until you spend 6 hours in a car with 'em.

See I have a job that is somewhat bittersweet. My job is stressful sometimes (to me), and it drives me crazy most of the time. I am constantly put in a position where "failure" is common place. I have to make decision and most of the time those decision do not make most people happy. This is the part of the job that I do not like. I am constantly fighting fires.

However on the other side, I get to travel some. I've been to places and seen things that I would not otherwise go or see. I've eating some great meals and had some good times along the way. I've met some great people and heard some funny stories. I've stayed in great hotels and have driven nice cars. So there is a part of me that when I get to travel really enjoys it, and that part makes it almost worth while.

Then again, I have to spend time away from my family. I miss my clowns everyday events. Typically when I'm gone it's just the same 'ol same 'ol at the house, but still, I'm not there and I miss them. I miss that feeling when I come home and they are all excited to see me and tell me about their day. I miss not having that evening time with the DW. I miss not sleeping next to her in my own bed. I miss my pillow.

On the other hand. I don't have to deal with the everyday events of the evening. Listening to clowns fight, or whine. Clowns arguing over toys or video games. I don't have to do laundry or dishes or pick up after anyone. I can just go back to my hotel after a nice dinner out (somewhere that does not have toys) and relax. Put my feet up, and watch t.v.

And then there are the stresses and fatigue of traveling cross country, or driving long distances. Sleeping on planes or in cars. Not sleeping well in a strange town, in a strange hotel, in a strange bed. The anxieties of being far away from my family if something should ever happen. 

So like I said, it is bittersweet.


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