Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More on Stories

Ok so maybe I need to clarify last night's post just a little. I'm talking to this guy at work today, and he's telling me "his story" of how when he was in high school he played basketball, and how he had some "smaller" scholarships to play but didn't (his words)...blah..blah...blah...it dawned on me that my post last night was two things.

First it was spot on. I am so right. Everybody has a story. And I don't mean funny stories of how somebody put a lamp shade on their head at a party kind of stories. I mean. Everybody has those "I could'a been a contender" type stories. Which is my second point. Everybody could'a, would'a, or should'a, if only it hadn't been for.... I mean everybody always wants to blame somebody or something else. 

The thing is, maybe that's just the way we all are? Maybe we're all people who if we would have gotten a lucky break here or there, things would be different. Maybe all our lives would be changed if it wasn't for that one thing, or that one time?

You see though, as I'm listening to the guy who "could'a been" Indiana's Mr. Basketball back in the day, ramble on about his past, I start thinking about my own story. Yes that's right, it's all about me.

So I'm thinking about my story, and quite honestly I don't have a story really. Now I have funny stories of how I put a lamp shade on my head at a party one time, but I'd rather not tell that one. In fact, I'd rather not think about or "relive" any of my stories. I guess that's because I realize that they are past. It's over. I've moved on. I'm a much better person now then when those stories took place, and I'd much rather focus on the future and what lies ahead then to think about yesterday. So here's to tomorrow, not yesterday.


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