Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Your Eyes

Have you ever felt great? I mean have you ever woke up and just felt great? I'm not talking about a physical feeling (because at this point in my life those are few and far between anyway), no I'm talking about a spring in your step, Mr Bluebird on your shoulder type of great feeling when you wake up? Today I had that feeling.

Now I'm not sure exactly why I had this feeling. Maybe it was the coffee, or maybe it was because of the night before, or maybe today was just the day that the good Lord decided was going to be "my" day. Regardless, I'll take it. I mean heck who couldn't use a good day right?

I guess maybe I should clarify when I say that maybe my good day today was because of my night before. See on Tuesday nights I play basketball in a league and last night right before the halftime buzzer I hit a half court shot. It was, as the kids say, Epic. Well ok maybe not epic, but it was pretty cool. First time in my life that I have had that type of opportunity, and I made it. Now I know that a good percent of making a shot like that is luck, but still it was fun to do. We ended up loosing, but I made the shot of the year so far, and as you know it's all about me.

So anyway, in the course of my great day today I started thinking, isn't it funny how we don't always see ourselves the way others see us? I mean most of us don't see ourselves as self centered, egotistical, arrogant or whatever the case may be (not saying that I am of course, or at least I don't think I am). 

Someone mentioned to me today that I struck them as someone who wasn't afraid to venture out or take a leap of faith (something to that affect). This really took me back considering I see myself as being very conservative, someone who plays it real close to the vest, if you know what I mean. I think I'm more like the golfer who "lays-up" rather then tries to hit it over the water. Ok so maybe some of you don't understand the golf reference, sorry. I guess in other words, I'm a big chicken. Or at least I see myself as a big chicken. Afraid to make big changes in my life or "take a chance" so to speak. I think maybe the reason that I don't take that leap or make that change is the fear of failure. Maybe we all have that fear to some degree some just hide it better then others.
Shoot when I go out to eat (regardless of the establishment) I get the same thing every time. No deviating. In fact I think the DW can order for me now. Usually there is no need to even look at a menu, or the board, again depending on the establishment. I know we're only talking food here, but that's sort of the way I roll. I thought it was interesting that someone else doesn't exactly see me that way. Again, I guess we never really see ourselves the way others do.

Ok so moving on. I need  to know when is it time for a man to get rid of some clothes? Here's the thing. I've got some shirts, and what my DW refers to as "old man jeans" that I just can't seem to part with. There is one shirt in particular, it's an Old Navy long sleeve sweater/tee sort of thing, that my DW hates. Her complaint is not that it's ratty or torn, but rather because it looks old, like "late '90's". I of course, having no sense of fashion think it looks fine? Every time I put the thing on she looks at me like I should be on that web site People Of Wal-Mart. Again, to me it looks fine, it's not ripped, has no stains and still fits (even after all these years).

So the real question is, when does a middle aged man of 3 clowns stop trying to be fashionable? I mean I don't usually wear the old man jeans, but they might do in a pinch, right and so what if I look like I just stepped out of the 90's? Who am I trying to impress? I certainly don't want to be known around town as the old guy who thinks he's still 20 right? Well, I guess if nothing else maybe I'll live long enough that my clothes will come back in style, here's hoping...I really like that shirt.


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